Inka Oy

Our values guide our operations

Inka is a Finnish manufacturer of webbing products operating in the Baltic Sea region. We have manufactured narrow fabrics for over 100 years, since 1898.

Thanks to our resilient work, Inka is an internationally renowned brand in its field today and is seen as a guarantee for good quality and service. Our webbing products are manufactured at our factory in Killinkoski.

Our values and operations are based on quality, customer satisfaction, an active product development and the well-being of our personnel. These are also key factors in our success. Our goal is to be the best supplier in the industry and a manufacturer of high-quality products. With solid expertise, experience and first-class customer service, we are on the way to our goal. A satisfied customer is the foundation of our operations.

We continuously map sustainable raw materials and invest in the development of smart webbing products. We want to grow profitably; a profitable company enables new investments, a continuous development of competitiveness and provides its employees with an interesting and evolving working environment.

The Story of Inka Oy

Inkan historia

Pioneer of the Finnish narrow fabric industry

Late 19th century and an idyllic country village, Killinkoksi, in the Häme region of central Finland. That’s where the story of the Finnish webbing industry and our company Inka Oy begins, and that’s where our story continues with new chapters. Generation after generation has witnessed how a small rural village has evolved over the years into an active industrial sub-urban area and a village with a cultural heritage.

It all started when two gentlemen – Petter Gustaf Holm, a mountain engineer from Oulu, and Mathias Bonn from Kolho – arrived in Killinkoski. The great rapids of the village had aroused great interest in the gentlemen, so they wanted to admire the sight on the spot. After exploring the terrain of the village, the gentlemen found the area to be ideal for industrial use. Thus, they founded a spinning and weaving factory, Virtain Kehruu- ja Kutomotehdas, in Killinkoski at the end of the 19th century.

Holm, who was rich in ideas, decided to expand the factory’s operations, and as a result the first Finnish textile webbing factory was established in 1898 and two years later the limited company Ab P.G. Holm Oy was founded. The shareholders in this new company were in addition to P.G. Holm himself, his wife’s sister Edith Rönnqvist and a German engineer by the name of Carl Neu. The company became a pioneer in the Finnish narrow fabrics industry and, Edith Rönnqvist became allegedly one of the first female business leaders in Finland. We might say that the company has been a forerunner since its birth.

The whole village and its families were mistreated during the war, but operations at the factory continued. The factory manufactured various military equipment including suspenders, gas mask tape, shoelaces, tent straps, webbings for cartridge belts and harnesses.

A brave, professional, and warm-hearted work community behind the success

Although the industrial operations in Killinkoski have varied over the decades, the webbing industry has remained. At Inka Oy, we want to continue the tradition of the Finnish narrow fabrics industry and to be pioneers in product development as well as in the manufacture of high-quality and sustainable products.

Our operations are guided by experience gained through our long history, uncompromising quality, the well-being of our personnel and the protection of our environment. Our committed and motivated staff are a guarantee for first-class products and customer satisfaction. It is important for us to take care of our personnel, our partners, as well as our environment.

The success story of the Finnish webbing industry in Killinkoski continues.